Lockout Tagout Kit - Group Lockout Hasps, Lockout Tag

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      ◥2 x Keyed Differ Safety Padlock & 1 x 1.5" Group Lockout Hasp - Stainless Steel Lock Beam with PA Shell. The Lockout Hasp has 6 locking holes for up to 6 padlocks.
      ◥3 x Breaker Lockout Device - It comes with 3 Breaker Lockout Devices for power source or equipment until. Locking the power until the repair is finished.
      ◥2 x Lockout Tags - Notice other operator that the power source or equipment can't use when Tags are on.
      ◥Lockout Kit Waist Bag - Lockout pouch is kind of pocket bag. It is convenient to carry all kinds of locking tools with attaching it around your waist. It is waterproof and dustproof for long term use.
      ◥OSHA Compliant Lockout Kit - Compliant with OSHA's Lockout Standard and designed to address electrical risks in any facility.

      √ Best used for electrical lockout applications as part of a comprehensive OSHA compliant lockout/tagout safety program.
      √ Lockout: Locking to prevent someone from wrong operation. Commonly used in power source or equipment until the repair is finished and the lock is removed.
      √ Tagout: Handing a tag to alarm that the power source or equipment is under repaired by someone.

      2 x Keyed Differ Safety Padlock
      -Color: Red
      -Material: Stainless Steel Lock Beam, PA Shell
      -Vertical Clearance: 1-1/2”, 38mm
      -Horizontal Clearance: 4/5”, 20mm
      -Shackle Dia.: 1/5”, 6mm
      -Body Size: 1-4/5” x 1-2/5”, 45 x 37mm

      1 x Group Lockout Hasps
      -Color: Red
      -Material: Stainless Steel Lock Beam, PA Shell
      -Shackle Diameter: 1-1/2”, 38mm
      -Max No. of Padlocks: 6

      2 x Lockout Tag
      -Color: Red, Yellow, White
      -Size: 5.4"x3"

      2 x Clamp-On Circuit Breaker Lockout
      -Material: Polypropylene
      -Application: 120-277V Breaker
      -Handle Width: ≤7/10”, 18mm

      1 x Universal Multi-Pole Breaker
      -Material: Polypropylene

      1 x Bum Bag
      -Material: polyamides
      -Size: 7.9"x5.1"x2.2"/ 20x13x5.5cm
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